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Tiger Fighting, October 18 Inter Milan suffered their first defeat of the season in the fourth round of the league, losing 1-2 to their city rivals AC Milan. After the game, coach Conte also accepted an interview with Sky Sports.


"I regret that we lost a well played game and we missed a lot of scoring opportunities. Milan played well, but they were also lucky."


"I think the team started the game very well, the offense was maintained well, and the passes were very smooth. We had a chance to advance the ball, but we fell behind 0-2 because of some inattention. I regret the result. Milan is a strong team, and playing a strong team will inevitably get into trouble. I think we should at least get a draw. But congratulations to Milan, they persisted to the end, they are very resilient, and defended tenaciously until the last moment. And kept the score. We were not lucky tonight."


I think we should play more aggressively and be more decisive when facing opportunities. I have nothing to regret. Everyone has put in all their efforts.


It depends on how you look at the problem. We did get more penalties this time. We lost two goals, but at the same time we also did a lot on the offensive end. Our wingers Ashraf and Perry Sic is an offensive player, but they are also working hard on defense, especially Perisic, but even with so many attackers, many people still want to be another midfielder. I still said that we need to do better in the offensive and defensive balance. For me, the team's performance today is no problem. They still showed outstanding performance despite many difficulties. We have created many opportunities, but in the final analysis this is indeed a loss. We need to adjust in time, focus on the next Champions League game to be played, and think more about the positive side. As for the negative aspects, we will work hard in the future. improve.

这取决于您如何看待问题。这次我们确实受到了更多的处罚。我们输了两个进球,但同时我们在进攻端也做了很多事情。我们的边锋阿什拉夫(Ashraf)和佩里·西克(Perry Sic)是进攻型球员,但他们也在防守上努力,尤其是佩里西奇(Perisic),但即使有这么多进攻者,很多人仍然想成为中场。我仍然说,我们需要在攻守平衡上做得更好。对我来说,今天球队的表现没问题。尽管有许多困难,他们仍然表现出出色的表现。我们创造了许多机会,但归根结底,这确实是一种损失。我们需要及时调整,着眼于下一场要打的冠军联赛,并更多地考虑积极方面。至于负面方面,我们今后将继续努力。提高。

When Sanchez returned to the team we took his injury very seriously, because the news from Chile said that he suffered a serious muscle injury. When he was training yesterday, we asked him to slow down as much as possible, and we also wanted to determine whether his injury was serious. He actually has muscle fatigue, so today he is scheduled to play after 15 minutes. We are also worried that he will cause serious injuries if he plays for too long.


I think this is his best position. He has played in both Roma and the national team. All of us have to adapt to the tactics, not just him, but other players as well. I still think we have created a lot of opportunities and played beautifully, but unfortunately, people now only discuss our failure, and this is not only a normal game, this is a Derby failure.


I don't want to talk about the transfer market. These are just one of the choices we made. No matter who made the decision, it was arranged by the club, not by myself. All I can do is train the players I have and try to get them to their best condition. I think this is my job and I can do it well. For other questions, you should ask someone who is suitable to talk about it.


Varela’s technical characteristics are indeed similar to mine, but I think he is better than me as a player. He will become a top player in the future. We have a lot of choices in the midfield. This is our advantage.


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