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【亚愽彩票app平台app】英超今夏高价转会排行:前五蓝军占三席 曼城豪购两中卫
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As of 11 o'clock in the evening on October 5th, British local time (6 o'clock in the morning on October 6th, Beijing time), the summer transfer window of the Premier League for the new season has been closed. This year's Xia Chuang was extended for more than a month due to the epidemic, but the epidemic did not completely follow the expectations of the outside world, allowing the teams to save money. Below, PP Sports will take stock of the high-priced new aids (over 35 million euros) from Premier League teams this summer. Judging from their fame and transfer fees, the transfer value of players is not as crazy as in previous years, but Zhu Qiang The rhythm of buying, buying and buying is still constant, and high-priced signings are not uncommon.

截至英国当地时间10月5日晚上11点(北京时间10月6日早晨6点),新赛季英超的夏季转会窗口已经关闭。由于流行病的影响,今年的“夏庄”被延长了一个多月,但这种流行病并未完全符合外界的期望,这使得车队可以省钱。下方,PP Sports将于今年夏天从英超联赛球队中获取高价位的新辅助器材(超过3500万欧元)。从成名和转会费来看,球员的转会价值并不像往年那么疯狂,但朱强的买入,买入和买入节奏仍然保持不变,高价签约并不少见。

Since the income of Hazard, Morata and David Luiz have been sold in the past year, coupled with the fact that there was no money to spend due to the transfer ban last season, Chelsea, with plenty of money, has also become the transfer market this summer. The biggest focus of the Blues is the introduction of talented midfielder Havertz from Leverkusen for a total price of 78 million euros (basic transfer fee plus floating fee). This is not only the most expensive transfer fee in the Premier League this summer, but also the entire world this summer. The most expensive transfer in football. Before the epidemic, the outside world estimated that Haverts was worth at least 100 million euros. Therefore, although the Chelsea signings are expensive, they are very "cheap".

由于过去一年出售了Hazard,Morata和David Luiz的收入,加上上个赛季的转会禁令没有花钱,切尔西拥有很多钱,也成为了转会市场。这个夏天。蓝军最大的关注点是引进勒沃库森有才华的中场球员哈维兹,总价为7800万欧元(基本转会费加浮动费)。这不仅是今年夏天英超联赛中最昂贵的转会费,而且也是今年夏天全世界的转会费。足球中最昂贵的转会。在流行病爆发之前,外界估计哈弗斯的身价至少为1亿欧元。因此,尽管切尔西签约很昂贵,但它们非常“便宜”。

Last season, Manchester City was plagued by central defenders, and Guardiola could only let midfielder Fernandinho come to this position for most of the time. This summer, Blue Moon introduced two central defenders in one breath to reinforce this position. Ruben Dias, who transferred from Benfica, had a total transfer fee of 71.6 million euros, including a fixed transfer fee of 68 million euros. , And a floating fee of 3.6 million euros. In the last round of the 1-1 draw with Leeds United, Diaz has ushered in the Manchester City debut, his partner with Laporte should be assured of Guashuai.

上个赛季,曼彻斯特城受到中后卫的困扰,瓜迪奥拉在大部分时间里只能让中场费尔南迪尼奥来到这个位置。今年夏天,蓝月亮一口气引进了两名中后卫以巩固这一立场。从本菲卡转会的鲁本·迪亚斯(Ruben Dias)的总转会费为7,160万欧元,其中包括固定的转会费6,800万欧元。 ,浮动费用为360万欧元。在与利兹联1-1战平的最后一轮比赛中,迪亚兹迎来了曼城队的处子秀,他与拉波特的搭档应该放心瓜斯怀。

The German center Werner, who has been coveted by Liverpool coach Klopp for a long time, came to Chelsea early this summer and he did not even participate in the Leipzig Red Bull's Champions League knockout. Although neither Chelsea nor Leipzig announced Werner’s transfer fee, considering that his original contract stipulated a liquidated damage of 55 million euros, the German center’s transfer fee should be this price. At present, Lampard mainly uses Werner as the winger. The new Blues have not found the feeling of scoring in his old club.


In Chelsea’s 4-0 victory over Crystal Palace, left back Chilwell, who was transferred from Leicester City this summer, not only broke the deadlock, but also assisted Zuma to score. He contributed a pass and a shot in the league debut. , This summer also spent 50 million euros in transfer fees for Chelsea. Since Ashley Cole, Chelsea has always lacked an all-around full-back on the left. The right back was used to play by right back Aspilicueta. Later, Alonso and Emerson were both offensive and defensive. , And the arrival of the 23-year-old Chilwell will undoubtedly make up for the vacancy of the Blues.

在切尔西4-0击亚愽彩票app平台app败水晶宫的比赛中,左脚切尔韦尔(Chilwell)打破了僵局,并协助祖玛进球。他在联赛处子秀中贡献了传球和射门。 ,今年夏天还为切尔西花费了5000万欧元的转会费。自阿什利·科尔(Ashley Cole)以来,切尔西(Chelsea)一直缺乏左侧的全方位后卫。右后卫曾被右后卫Aspilicueta打出。后来,阿隆索和爱默生既进攻又防守。 ,而23岁的Chilwell的到来无疑将弥补蓝军的空缺。

Arsenal dropped 50 million euros to terminate the contract, and signed to Atletico Madrid's main midfielder Thomas at the buzzer, which is definitely the heaviest transfer this summer. The scandal between the two parties has been spread throughout the summer, and just yesterday there was news that the gunner would miss Thomas, but the last-minute squandering operation brought huge surprises to gun fans. Sending off Torreira and Gondozi, and taking Thomas, Arteta completed the midfield upgrade according to his own plan, and the Ghanaian international will team up with Xhaka. The black player is not a "black and hard" type, but an out-and-out technical midfielder. How will he fit into the gunner's system? After the international competition day, we may be able to get the answer.


After missing the German center Werner, Liverpool finally introduced the 23-year-old Portuguese attacker Diogo Jota from the Wolves. His transfer fee was about 49.5 million euros. It feels different from the feeling that Japanese international Takuru Minano could not find a goal in the early stage of joining. Ruota scored in his Premier League debut on behalf of Liverpool. His goal helped the Reds reverse Arsenal 3-1 at home. The arrival of Ruota can allow Klopp to perform a moderate rotation of the "Red Arrows", and it can also allow him and Takumi Minano to form a new partner. In the League Cup and Arsenal, Ruota will He and Salah and Takumi Minano formed the striker trident.

怀念德国中锋维尔纳之后,利物浦终于从狼队引进了23岁的葡萄牙攻击者迪奥戈·乔塔。他的转会费约为4,950万欧元。感觉与日本国际选手南野卓郎(Takuru Minano)在加盟初期找不到目标的感觉不同。 Ruota代表利物浦在英超联赛的处子秀中进球。他的进球帮助红军主场3-1逆转了阿森纳。 Ruota的到来可以让Klopp适度地旋转“红色箭头”,也可以让他和Takumi Minano结成新的伙伴。在联赛杯和阿森纳,鲁奥塔将他与萨拉赫和南野琢美组成前锋三叉戟。

Manchester City’s central defender problem last season made Pep Guardiola the first two big players. Therefore, this summer, Blue Moon bought people at this position at any cost. In addition to Portugal’s central defender Ruben Dias, Manchester City also introduced the Dutch international before. The transfer fee of the former Chelsea defender is 45 million euros. The addition of Aker and Ruben Dias also allowed Guardiola to let go of the time bomb Otamendi in the back line. The two will form a healthy combination of central defenders with Laporte. If Manchester City want to play Ake, whose main foot is the left foot, is also very suitable for the position of the left central defender.

上赛季曼彻斯特市的中后卫问题使瓜迪奥拉成为前两大球员。因此,今年夏天,蓝月亮不惜一切代价在这个职位上买了人。除了葡萄牙的中央后卫鲁本·迪亚斯外,曼城此前还引进了荷兰国脚。前切尔西后卫的转会费为4500万欧元。阿克(Aker)和鲁本·迪亚斯(Ruben Dias)的加入也使瓜迪奥拉在后线放开了定时炸弹Otamendi。两者将构成中央后卫与拉波特的健康结合。如果曼城想打出阿克(Ake)的主脚是左脚,那也非常适合左中后卫的位置。

Manchester United have been chasing Dortmund winger Sancho this summer. Seeing that other competitors are buying people one after another, the Red Devils finally brought in Ajax’s Dutch international Van der Beck, 23-year-old in September for 43 million euros He scored in the league debut, but unfortunately failed to prevent the team from losing 1-3 to Crystal Palace. In the 3-0 victory over Brighton in the League Cup, Van der Beck not only made his debut, but also assisted Mata's goal, but he has not yet started in the Premier League. What fans are looking forward to most now is that after he joins the team, he will have sparks with the "618 combination" of Pogba and Bruno Fernandez.

今年夏天,曼联一直在追逐多特蒙德边锋桑乔。看到其他竞争对手在互相买人,红魔队终于在9月以4300万欧元的价格引进了阿贾克斯(Ajax)23岁的荷兰籍国际球员范德贝克(Van der Beck),他在联赛首场比赛中就进球了,但不幸的是未能阻止球队1-3输给了水晶宫。在联赛杯3-0战胜布莱顿的比赛中,范德贝克不仅首次亮相,而且协助了马塔的进球,但他尚未进入英超联赛。球迷现在最期待的是,他加入车队后,将凭借Pogba和Bruno Fernandez的“ 618组合”而大放异彩。

In order to relieve financial pressure, La Liga giants Barcelona sold Portugal international Nelson Semedo to Wolves this summer. The total price of this transfer fee is 40 million euros, of which a fixed fee of 30 million euros and a floating fee of 10 million euros. The addition of Semedo also makes people look forward to the Wolves’ right-wing attack. He and the right winger Amada Traore both have Barcelona backgrounds. This pair of "Barcelona abandoned generals" combination will definitely Bring a huge impact to the left defense of the Premier League teams.

为了缓解财务压力,西甲豪门巴塞罗那今年夏天将葡萄牙国脚纳尔逊·塞梅多卖给了狼队。这项转让费用的总价为4000万欧元,其中固定费用为3000万欧元,浮动费用为1000万欧元。 Semedo的加入也使人们期待着狼队的右翼进攻。他和右翼边锋Amada Traore都有巴塞罗那背景。这对“巴塞罗那被遗弃的将军”组合肯定会给英超球队的左后卫带来巨大影响。

This summer, the Wolves have made progress and introduced Semedo to replace the outgoing Doherty. The way to deal with Jota's departure is to win only 18-year-old Porto talented star Fabio Silva. Although he is young, he spent 38.6 million euros in the Wolves’ transfer fee. This transaction is also quite surprising. Firstly, he is 18 years old. Secondly, he has always been the coveted target of Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Juventus and Atletico Madrid, but was taken away by Wolves. In the game against Manchester City, Silva has staged his Premier League debut, he is also a demon star worthy of attention from Wolves and even the entire Premier League fans.

今年夏天,狼队取得了进步,并引进了Semedo来取代即将离任的Doherty。解决乔塔离职的方法是只赢得18岁的波尔图才华巨星法比奥·席尔瓦(Fabio Silva)。尽管他还很年轻,但他在狼队的转会费上花费了3860万欧元。这项交易也很令人惊讶。首先,他今年18岁。其次,他一直是巴塞罗那,皇家马德里,尤文图斯和马德里竞技的梦target以求的目标,但被狼队带走。在与曼城的比赛中,席尔瓦上演了英超联赛的处子秀,他还是一个值得狼队甚至整个英超球迷关注的恶魔之星。

As early as February this year, Chelsea had already finalized the transfer of Morocco international Ziyeh, and he was also the Blues' first new aid this summer. According to reports from Sky Sports, Ziyech’s transfer fee is 36.75 million euros. Due to injuries, Ziyech has not had a chance to make his debut for Chelsea, but he was recently selected for the Moroccan national team squad. I believe that after the national team game day, the former Ajax star will soon be able to welcome him. To represent the Blues’ debut.

早在今年2月,切尔西就已经完成了对摩洛哥国脚Ziyeh的转会,他也是蓝军今年夏天的第一个新援助。据天空体育报道,齐耶奇的转会费为3675万欧元。由于受伤,齐耶奇(Jiyech)没有机会参加切尔西(Chelsea)的处子亚愽彩票app平台app秀,但最近他被摩洛哥国家队(National Team)选中。我相信在国家队比赛之后,这位前阿贾克斯球星很快就能欢迎他。代表布鲁斯的处子秀。

In the fourth round of the league, Villa beat defending champion Liverpool 7-2. The 24-year-old Watkins performed a hat-trick. He has always regarded Arsenal legend Henry as an idol. His first Premier League career was extremely eye-catching. Performance. Vera spent 36.5 million euros this summer to bring in Watkins, including a fixed transfer fee of 30.5 million euros and a floating fee of 6 million euros. As the tied Golden Shoe winner of the British Championship last season and also the Player of the Year in the British Championship, the cost of introducing him to Villa broke the record in team history, but now it is worth the money.

在联赛的第四轮中,维拉以7-2击败卫冕冠军利物浦。 24岁的沃特金斯(Watkins)表演了帽子戏法。他一直认为阿森纳传奇人物亨利是偶像。他的第一个英超联赛生涯非常引人注目。性能。维拉今年夏天花费3650万欧元引进沃特金斯,其中包括3050万欧元的固定转让费和600万欧元的浮动费。作为上赛季英超冠军的金靴奖获得者,同时也是英超年度最佳球员,将他介绍给比利亚的费用打破了球队历史上的纪录,但现在已经物有所值。

Under the leadership of Mourinho, the new season's Tottenham will also re-launch the impact of the top four in the league. In addition to the London team on loan from Real Madrid this summer, Bell also introduced left-back Reggie Ron, his transfer fee For 35 million euros. In the League Cup elimination of Chelsea, Reggie Léon assisted Lamela in the last few minutes to tie the score, thus dragging the game into a penalty shootout. With the joining of Reggie Long, Tottenham fans are also full of expectations for the team's quick counterattack on the left.

在穆里尼奥的领导下,新赛季的托特纳姆热刺也将重新推出联盟前四的影响力。除了今年夏天从皇家马德里租借的伦敦队,贝尔还引进了左后卫雷吉·罗恩,他的转会费为3500万欧元。在联赛杯淘汰切尔西的比赛中,雷吉·莱昂(ReggieLéon)在最后几分钟协助拉梅拉(Lamela)扳平比分,将比赛拖入点球大战。随着雷吉·朗(Reggie Long)的加盟,热刺球迷也对球队左路的快速反击充满了期待。

In addition to the above-mentioned transfers, the Premier League this summer has many low-priced and high-quality transfer operations. For example, Liverpool imported Spanish international Thiago from Bayern, which only cost 27.5 million euros; Chelsea imported from Rennes to replace Kepa The Senegalese goalkeeper, Mendy, spent only 24 million euros; Everton’s Colombian international James Rodriguez from Real Madrid also spent 24 million euros and contributed 3 goals in the first 4 rounds of the league. 2 Assists, he is undoubtedly the absolute hero of Toffee leading the standings. Leeds United spent 30 million euros to introduce Rodrigo from Valencia and scored a key goal in the 1-1 draw with Manchester City. Although the transfer fee of these players is not too high, they are very quickly integrated into the new team, which can be said to be excellent value.

除了上述转会之外,今年夏天的英超还有许多低价和高质量的转会业务。例如,利物浦从拜仁进口了西班牙国脚蒂亚戈(Thiago),仅花费了2750万欧元。切尔西从雷恩(Rennes)进口以取代凯帕(Kepa)塞内加尔门将门迪(Mendy)仅花费了2400万欧元;埃弗顿来自皇家马德里的哥伦比亚国脚詹姆斯·罗德里格斯(James Rodriguez)也花费了2400万欧元,并在联赛的前4轮贡献了3个进球。 2助攻,他无疑是太妃糖领先的绝对英雄。利兹联花费3000万欧元从巴伦西亚引进罗德里戈,并在与曼城的1-1平局中攻入关键球。尽管这些球员的转会费不是很高,但他们很快融入了新团队,这可以说是非常有价值的。

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