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The 30-year-old Pjanic was born in the turbulent 1990s in Bosnia and Herzegovina. His parents had to go abroad with his family when the war broke out. In an interview with Daily Sports, the new Barcelona aid told about his childhood, and Reasons for rejecting Barcelona in 2008.


I was born there, but unfortunately I don't know the city well. Because of the war with the Balkans, I left Bosnia and Herzegovina at one year old. In 1996, I returned to Tuzla for the first time, when I was six years old. What impressed me most was seeing the American tanks, where they ensured the stability of the area, even though the war was over. This is very strange, but I always feel that I am a Bog black, my habits, my family, the language spoken at home...

我出生在那儿,但不幸的是我对这座城市不太了解。由于与巴尔干的战争,我一岁就离开了波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那。 1996年,我六岁时第一次回到图兹拉。让我印象最深刻的是,即使战争结束了,美国的坦克也确保了该地区的稳定。这很奇怪,但我始终觉得自己是黑人黑人,我的生活习惯,我的家人,家里说的语言...

My first choice will always be Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was a natural choice. I could have played for Luxembourg or France, but I am proud to represent a country that has experienced difficulties and worked hard to make people proud. For Bosniacs, it is incredible to have a compatriot playing in Barcelona. This is to tell them that everything is possible in life: I almost made it from scratch. My parents left Bosnia and Herzegovina with two suitcases. They had nothing at the time, but they rebuilt their lives and family in Luxembourg.


Yes, that is an incredible story. At that time, my father had already gone to Luxembourg, and my mother needed some documents issued by the club where my father had played in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to go abroad to reunite with his father. The official in charge did not want to sign the document. He refused. The mother cried. I cried in her arms. He said, "I signed the document so that the child would stop crying." The story ended very well.


My father started working and playing football: he worked from 7 to 4 pm every day, and my mother went to work at 4 pm. In order to avoid leaving me alone at home, my father took me during training, so I started to get in touch with football, watching his training and games, and soon I became a fan. At that time, I didn't have toys. My only toy was a ball. I grew up playing football. Soon I started playing football with kids older than me.


At that time, I was not ready to go to a club like Barcelona. I was only 17 years old and too young. I just started my career and I was not ready to take this step. To join a club of the size of Barcelona, ​​I prefer to go. Lyon, I know French football. I spent many years in Metz. At that time, I thought the best choice was to go to Lyon, the best club in France at the time. To study and play there was the most important thing for young players. When I look back on my career, I realized that no matter which team I am in, Metz, Lyon, Roma, Juventus, I always grow step by step, gain playing time, and become an important member of the team.


Youth team, but I think I made the right choice. In my career, I have always been able to choose, follow my instincts, and I think I am doing well. I remember that I went to Hoeness’s house and Bayern wanted to sign me at that time, but for me, staying in France is the best thing. I never want to fly too high or too early, but want to Step by step, the only way to learn at the time was to continue playing.


Yes, we have talked about it two or three times in recent years, but I have not been able to join because there is no agreement between the clubs, whether it is in Rome or Juventus. Things are going well now. I am proud to be a member of this team. I always consider myself a Barcelona fan.


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