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【亚愽彩票app平台app】2因素致恒大苏宁对决成乱战 卡帅关键时刻彰显冷静
发布时间:2021-10-07 06:55:02

   was originally a trivial league for the Evergrande team, but in the end it turned into a controversial and chaotic battle with the Suning team, which is really confusing. After all, no matter what the result is, the team has been locked in the first place in advance, and the results have not been brought into the second stage. Why is it so true to the opponent, even causing physical conflict? Perhaps this is the charm of competitive sports. Players who are fully integrated into the game are in a state of ecstasy at that moment and it is difficult to be sensible. In the end, Suning's 1 goal over Hengda is basically in line with the level of play by both sides. ...But I still want to say that in the end it will become a chaotic battle, and there are two important contributing factors that cannot be ignored.

最初是恒大队的一个琐碎的联赛,但最终它变成了与苏宁队的有争议和混乱的战斗,这确实令人困惑。毕竟,无论结果如何,团队都已经事先锁定在第一位,并且结果还没有进入第二阶段。为什么对对手如此真实,甚至造成身体上的冲突?也许这就是竞技体育的魅力。完全融入游戏的玩家当时处于狂喜状态,很难理解。最后,苏宁对恒大的1个进球基本上符合双方的比赛水平。 ...但是我仍然想说,最终它将变成一场混乱的战斗,有两个重要的促成因素,不可忽视。



   But at the same time, this is also a reminder for Evergrande and the coaching staff, that is, how to deal with the rain battle. In this aspect of this campaign, it is obvious that the Suning team is more adaptable and doing better! The second stage of the championship competition was held in Suzhou, and the impression that the Suzhou Division had several rounds of matches in the previous first stage were also held in heavy rain. However, the quality of the competition system is definitely not as good as its own stadium. In fact, Suzhou The quality of the turf in the competition area is not much better than that of Dalian, let alone compared with Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center... Therefore, in order to better cope with the rain battle, Evergrande must make corresponding preparations before the start of the second phase. At least one Set the countermeasures for the rain war and put them into practice. After all, the second stage of the knockout is the key to the game, any mistakes and maladjustment will bring the team to an abrupt end this season.




   Evergrande also appealed immediately after the game. Although it can be expected to be useless, it still has to express the team's tough attitude. In fact, the overall performance of domestic referees in the first stage this season is indeed not convincing at all. The multiple appeals from several clubs are enough to explain everything. In fact, the Chinese Football Association has done a very poor job in refereeing this season!


   Fortunately, the Evergrande team also has a key figure who is also the backbone of the team. His mind and thoughts are always sober. This person is the head coach Cannavaro. In fact, at this juncture,


   So at this moment, the old card used a stern attitude and decisively pushed his players away, doing his best to calm the incident, and let these emotionally dizzy players completely calm down. This is done entirely for the team and for the good of everyone. It is undeniable that the head coach's sobriety at this time, rather than the so-called "same enemy and hatred" with the players, is very important! Kashuai should be able to mingle with the players when it is time to mingle, and when it should not be, he can make clear boundaries and remind everyone with actions. He is indeed more mature and able to distinguish right from wrong. At least his actions at this moment deserve praise.

因此,此时此刻,旧牌以严厉的态度果断地将他的玩家推开,尽力使事件平静下来,并使这些令人头晕的玩家完全平静下来。这完全是为了团队和所有人的利益。不可否认的是,此时主教练的清醒非常重要,而不是与球员所谓的“仇恨相同”。 Kashuai应该能够在应该交际的时候与玩家交往,而在不应该交往的时候,他可以划清界限并以行动提醒所有人。他确实更加成熟,能够区分是非。至少他这一刻的行为值得称赞。

The game has become a chaotic battle, so there are really not many things that can be analyzed, but this campaign is not without gains. For the Evergrande team, especially the defending champions who have already locked the group first and have begun to prepare for the second stage of the competition. In other words, there are many things that are worth learning, vigilance, and even warning. I hope that the whole team will pay attention to it, guard against arrogance and rashness, and make every effort to prepare for the second stage of the game.


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